Why Vampires?

If you know me well, you’ve probably heard that SHAMEFUL was my first novel. Which is true. I wrote it first. I love the story…but I love vampires more. Vampire stories are my faves and I guess you can say I was waiting for a unique story to tell. Once I got it, I ran with it. So SHAMEFUL will get its due, but only after I make SLEEPY WILLOW’S BONDED SOUL available.

So why do I love vampires so much? Because the stories usually include a variety of things that I find entertaining.

HORROR: I like the rush you get in your head, stomach, and fingertips when you’re scared or apprehensive or uncertain about something. The way your heartbeat accelerates. The way you bite your nails or crack your knuckles in anticipation of the Boogie Man jumping out from the bushes. A creature bound to darkness, who’s supposed to be dead, and who also wants to drink your blood? Doesn’t get scarier than that.

SENSUALITY: I like sex. I like reading about it. I like watching it. And I hate that everyone’s supposed to act like it only takes place in some black void. That we shouldn’t be sexual beings or sexually expressive. Typically vampire stories include non-repressive vampires who act on instinct. And most of the time, they have some power of seduction. Try to resist, if you dare…

ACTION/ VIOLENCE: I like high-powered, fast-moving stories, that have no problem shedding blood. Real life is for restraining yourself when the neighbor accidentally cuts down your rose bush or when an idiot jumps in front of you on the highway doing 20 mph while you’re doing 50 or when your boss tells you to fix an issue that she created after you advised her otherwise. In fantasy, you can go off and deal with them all accordingly without repercussions. Vampires have the strength to dole out punishment with the passion you feel, but dare not act on.

MYSTERY/ SUSPENSE: I like excitement and surprises. Life is predictable. Fantasy isn’t. And there’s nothing more mysterious than a creature who’s supposed to be dead, yet is capable of walking around and doing God-knows what. Who will it do it to? Why will it do it? Where will the creature go? And since they come built-in with blood lust–vampires epitomize mystique.

OTHER-WORLDLINESS: I like escaping to another world where you can be whoever, whatever, however you want. Again, the real world has enough restrictions. Sci-Fi/ Fantasy goes beyond those boundaries to whatever can be conceived. To whatever is [un]imaginable. Vampire stories usually aren’t exclusive. If you suspend belief for a while to embrace the undead, you’re also primed to accept werewolves, fairies, elves, dragons, trolls, goblins, ghouls, the headless hoofman, giant squids or whatever. And you’re probably more open to supernatural energy generated by sorcery, prayer, meditation, or whatever floats your boat. Now, mix it all together and you got one hell of a ride for about 500 pages. Isn’t all that exciting?

If you missed my fave vampire books list and fave tv/ movies list, click on the links for those posts.


  1. as far as vampire lit goes, that’s a pretty steep hill to climb. I’m one of Danny’s frat brothers. I believe we’ve briefly met a couple times. I studied literature at UH. One of the professors said before you write anything, you should make sure you’ve read everything in that genre’s canon. That said, have you read through all of Anne Rice’s vampire series yet? There are some other vampire series that have had brief fads of popularity (ie twilight) but Anne Rice’s books pretty much are the canon. I think there’s about A dozen of them. Everyone in the lit department admits to loving them at one time or another. Myself included. A couple of them were made into movies. Interview with the vampire and queen of the damned as I recall. Maybe you read all these books already and I’m wasting my words. But if you haven’t, please do. At least until your books come out, Anne Rice is considered the most important vampire novelist. After Bram Stoker of course. .

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Che!

    I most certainly have read all of Anne Rice’s books. Still have a few in my collection, as a matter of fact. Couldn’t write a vampire novel in good conscious without reading one of the first pioneers.

    I wrote a little about my favorite vampire books on this blog post: https://diceyblog.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/what-do-i-read/

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