Speaking Of Strong Female Protagonists…

My husband and I double-dated tonight and went to a nice new dinner/ movie theater to watch Colombiano. I thought it was pretty good–4.5 out of 5 dice.

I got to see Zoe Saldana kick some butt, which reminded me of how much I like seeing and reading about strong, focused women with skills to pay the bills and a soft side. That’s my ideal heroine. And that’s why I write my lead female characters that way. Zoe’s character (Cataleya) reminds me of Sleepy Willow. They’re both beautiful, both deadly, and both overcome severe obstacles. Both are smart and use their intellect along with instincts to get around dangerous situations. Neither are afraid to get down and dirty in the bedroom (PG-13 for the movie, but I know the deal) or in a fist-fight.

Strong females come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of backgrounds and motivations. While Cataleya may be an assassin seeking revenge, she is still a woman after my own heart, just like Willow, the vampire seeking sanctuary and absolution…and blood.