Book Teaser.

Ten more days until SLEEPY WILLOW’S BONDED SOUL: The Narcoleptic Vampire Series Book #1 is released! In honor of that, I’m posting a teaser. It contains one expletive, so stop reading now if that offends you! You’ve been warned…

“He’d walked in fine as hell—tall, dark, and crazy. I knew it the moment he’d pinned his metallic blue, silver-looking stare on me. I’d wanted to bite him, fuck him, and run away at the same time.” (Willow referring to Remi)

Remi happens to be my favorite character because he’s so complex. The more layers to a character, the more fun they are to write. My mental image of him is gorgeous as hell, so that doesn’t hurt either. I’ve used photos of Israeli model, Nir Lavi, in my promo video to depict Remi.

See what I mean? Absolutely gorgeous. Fun, fun character!


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  1. […] this old post, I discussed how Remi’s character was inspired by Nir Lavi. In this old post, I discussed how […]

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