Real Life Paranormal Activity.

I find the fantasy fiction genre fun and exciting because I get to stretch the limits of my imagination. Incidentally, I’ve found that I have no limits…but that’s another story for another day.

My point is–the paranormal elements I write about originate from my brain. Right off the top of my head. But my brain is stimulated by outside forces. Environmental influences. Conscious and subconscious input…and real life experiences.

Now, where was I going with that… Ah, yes. Paranormal activity. We’ve probably all encountered something we couldn’t explain with science. Or thought we saw someone standing in the corner when there was really no one there. Or maybe we’ve had a dream that actually came true.

While I have yet to meet a vampire (keeping hope alive) or ghost or goblin or angel (not that I know of), I have to say I believe both friendly and unfriendly spirits walk among us. The unexplainable happens. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, even dreamt events before they occurred.

But enough about me. I read and write the stuff. Maybe that makes me more prone to belief. There’s a chicken or egg debate in there somewhere, but let’s get on to more important things…

I wanted to know whether someone, who didn’t usually write or read paranormal/ fantasy books, believed in real life paranormal activity.

Today, I have an answer from CJ Johnson (copywriter, ghostwriter, researcher, and blogger):

“New Orleans is an experience. It always begins with the tingling that makes its way down my spine, every time that I step foot on its soil. That tingling, the warmth, the sense of unsettled harmony from our past. It just creeps up on me and then past me in all of seconds, and then again, until I just accept it and embrace it. For me that tingling is just not the physical and emotional joy of vacationing. It’s the metaphysical. I symbol it to mean that “we” welcome you, “we” being those from another time. I know that all of this country, the world even, has its pockets of mysticism, but New Orleans is its own world, in of itself. It has a history that’s complex and mixed. Its people are born from those hailing from the Caribbean, France, Canada, Africa, and Spain. And up until today, a lot of Shit has went down (pardon my French) in regards to New Orleans history.

It is no wonder that the paranormal can be accepted, and almost expected in such a city. It is the largest city in the United States where one can visit a plantation. I mean can you imagine the sense of unsettledness there? So many people from today traipsing around on quarters that should be closed chapters of our historic fabric. In my opinion those spirits just travel the city, roaming, and in their subtle way letting each passerby and resident know that we are all just “visitors” in their world.

One of my favorite books is, The Feast of All Saints, by Ann Rice, and she writes with clarity on the lives of the Creoles of color in New Orleans in the early 19th century. Those Creoles have maintained a haunted existence and their legacy is spirit filled. The paranormal in New Orleans, is not from just the ordinary, it’s not “Ghost Busters” or other cheesy Hollywood dreamed of notions of the paranormal. It is very real and unfortunately derived from sorrow, miscegenation, and broken promises. But is also real because it celebrates a city with a long history of people that are resilient, unbroken, and authentic. All of that culminates to a city bursting with people from times past laying claim to their city. The paranormal of New Orleans is dreamy but real, nuanced but arresting. I can’t quite describe it, but its real, its here to stay, and it’s their world, and the city’s Grandfathers will never let anyone forget just how much the city is their own. So the tingling down my back will never cease when I visit New Orleans, and I am sure each of us can claim a little truth in the same sentiment.

How does New Orleans put you in a paranormal state of mind?”

A-ha! So I’m really not crazy.

Leave a comment. And if you missed her interview with me, check it out here.