Warlocks, Wizards, Occult Powers and…WWII?

I love networking with indie authors, mainly because we believe in supporting each other. And because we have the common goal of sharing our art with the world without a large publisher’s budget.

One such networking event is The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour, which I mentioned here. It officially begins Dec. 26th, but I’m getting a head-start by featuring author interviews.

Today, Alesha Escobar and I are discussing how she mixed paranormal elements with historical ones in her novel The Tower’s Alchemist: The Gray Tower Trilogy Book #1. You can check out her blog here.

1. In writing about wizards/warlocks and occult powers, how much of your own religious views entered in to your writing?

Alesha: Now that’s an interesting question. I mix in a little bit of mythology, philosophy and spirituality from my background as a Catholic and a lover of the Classics. I approach it from the question of “What would this all look like if magic was out in the open during this time?” In the story, people trained by the Gray Tower see magic as a natural ability that some humans are born with, while the Church would explain it as remnants of preternatural abilities lost after the Fall of Man. One of my characters is a sword-wielding priest who believes his magic is a gift from God–he clashes at times with my protagonist, Isabella.

Dicey: I get it. Mythology + Philosophy + Spirituality = More interesting, relatable concept.

2. Since your book is based in an alternate WWII era, did you find the paranormal or historical elements more difficult to research and write for your characters?

Alesha: The historical element was a bit tricky in the sense that I wanted to give a grounded and rich feel to the environment of the story without alienating my reader. For example, just the slang and language used sixty years ago–a bit different from now, but I have some of that slipped in so that the dialogue and inner-monologue of my protagonist is authentic yet flavorful. There was also the issue of balancing historical fact with creative liberty. Hopefully the WWII experts won’t whack me for certain things, but it was one hell of a ride imagining what it would be like for wizards to have a showdown with Nazis and their occult forces.

Dicey: Very brave. I imagine you spent lots of time researching the WWII era in order to keep it “authentic yet flavorful”. To strike a balance between pleasing the experts and entertaining readers. Hats off!

3. If you could have been a wizard during WWII, what one power would you have used to defeat Hitler?

Alesha: Isabella is an alchemist–I think I’d want to have her ability. Alchemy is all about harnessing the powers of nature and creating certain balances–I would definitely see defeating Hitler as restoring balance to the world!

Dicey: Restoring balance, indeed. And I’m glad you explained what an alchemist is. Think I need that power around my household where my kids pay no bills but have completely taken over.

Thanks for the interview, Alesha!

More interviews to come.