Beware. The Grim Reaper Has A Novice.

Wow. These indie author interviews have been amazing, if I may say so myself. Hell, I DO say so myself. And we haven’t even started The Day The Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour yet.

Today, Cecilia Robert is going to razzle and dazzle us with more information about her book The Grim Reaper’s Novice: Soul Collector Series Volume 1.

1. When it comes to writing about the Grim Reaper, death, and collecting souls, do you find yourself depressed or sad while writing these scenes? If so, how do you overcome this, yet still write compelling scenes?

CeCe: Actually, writing the Grim Reaper’s character was fun. I tried to lighten him up a bit by adding a fun part of him so it’s not all depressing and dreary, move away from the sickle carrying Grim. For example: He doesn’t like people calling him Grim, he prefers being called Ernest and has no problem reminding anyone who tends to forget, he enjoys matchmaking. His motto; everyone  needs some love, even the ghosts and djinns. His door is always open to dinner guests.

Writing the death-scenes was not easy for me. For example, there’s a scene on the first chapter when Ana Maria – the MC – goes to collect the soul and has to watch as life fades from the lady she is meant to collect her soul, and her taking her last breath. Man, that wasn’t easy.

Music goes a long way to clear my head and of course chase away the heaviness in my heart. And not the angry kind of music. No. Something danceable and cheerful, of course.

Dicey: The Grim Reaper prefers to be called Ernest and enjoys matchmaking? Ha! That’s different. And probably more appropriate for the YA genre than the vision I have in my head of him.

I know what you mean about death scenes not being easy. There’s a scene in my taboo fiction that I cried while writing and every time I read it. When you think about someone being here one day and gone the next, it can be really sad. Lively music certainly helps.

2. As a writer in the Young Adult genre, what do you mostly want young adults to gain from reading your book?

CeCe: First and foremost, I’d like readers to enjoy reading my book, to have fun. I’d also like readers to know  they can succeed in whatever they put their mind to, and overcome any challenges that come their way. My Mc does make mistakes, and bad decisions. In order to become wise, one needs to learn from their mistakes.

Dicey: Preach!

3. As an assistant nurse, does your experiences in your profession enter in to your writing? For instance, do you see patients die and think about what happens to their souls? Or is there some other way your profession impacts your writing?

CeCe: In this story, I’d say the experience as an assistant nurse does play a part in my writing. I have been in a room when a patient takes their last breath, and I have to say it is the hardest situation to be in, to see the life fade from someone who moments ago was smiling at you, or chatting with you. Yes, the thought has once occurred to me. Where do souls go when someone dies? I seriously have no idea, but I can only hope someplace good.

So, yes, my profession does play a part in this story. It does help in creating believable scenes, I’d say.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Dicey. It’s been fun.

Dicey: I hope our souls go to a good place too, CeCe. If I see Hitler there, I’ll know I went to the wrong place.

Thank YOU for sharing your work with me and giving a unique perspective on The Grim Reaper Ernest.


  1. I got to read Cece’s excerpt on her blog, and I already like it! Working for Grim…er, Ernest is definitely a tough job. Cece’s definitely put a cool twist on the whole concept.

    Btw, my sister’s studying to be a nurse, so I definitely understand how you feel Cece when caring for someone or speaking with them and they take their last breath. It’s not easy, and definitely makes you wonder about what awaits us.

    • So true, Alesha. 1. Cece has a cool twist on GR and 2. This all makes you wonder what awaits us at death.

  2. Hi Dicey, thank you for the interview, oh yes, and if anyone wants a dinner invite from Ernest, would be happy to pass the info along *smile*

  3. Hi Alesha, I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt. BTW, he is always searching for more Soul Collectors, now that job prospects are not so good, so if you hear anyone who is searching for a job, send him/her over…LOL.
    Ernest aside, It’s good to hear your sister is studying to be a nurse. One gets to think alot about life working there, and one learns to really appreciate life.
    Thanks, Alesha.

  4. This is an awesome interview! “Earnest” sounds like a really great character (his profession aside). Who knew that the Grim Reaper could be humorous! Great creativity at work here. 🙂

  5. Very cool interview! I have read this book and trust me, Grim…sorry Ernest is very likeable. But the actual heroine is Anna and hmm..Kim, our cute hero! You would love them when they meet. Sorry, does this qualify as spoilers??

    • No, not spoilers. I’d like to think of them as teasers. 😉

  6. Hey Cece, you’ve totally won me over. I can’t wait to read more about Ana Maria and Ernest! I’ll go check out your blog for your excerpt on there. What a great interview – Dicey – you rock at questions and Cece – fantastic answers.

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