The Woman Behind “The Thinking Man”.

The Day The Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour is approaching fast, just like the holiday season and end of the year. In preparation of the tour, I’ve interviewed several authors and shared their works with you. Nadina Boun is another of our creative authors and she has granted me the following interview:

1. Since your novel The Thinking Man, Paralysis By Analysis is a comical compilation of rules in a man’s head, by what method did you channel your character as a female writer?

Nadina: Interesting question! Just a matter of observation and analysis really, and a minor understanding of the male’s point of view. However the rules or scrolls in the book extend to emotions in general, thus relating to us as human beings as opposed to a certain gender.

Dicey: Fascinating! I imagine it would have to be comical to spend time analyzing a man’s thoughts, which you do a good job of, based on the sample I’ve read. Football…beer…women… You mean there are emotions in there somewhere too? 🙂

2. In Earth and Venus you mix science fiction with romance. Which audience are you hoping to appeal to more, sci-fi or romance lovers and why?

Nadina: Well, I did not think about it when I had plenty of fun writing it. But I suppose it would suit more the science fiction audience than it would romance lovers. The use of words is still somewhat cosmic related:)

Dicey: Science and fun in the same book? Who knew. 🙂

3. As a writer of poetry, short stories, fiction, and plays, which do you find the most challenging to write and why?

Nadina: I find longer stories to be challenging because they require a longer amount of time and concentration. So fiction novels I have began writing always ended up incomplete. It is a challenge to finish them!

Dicey: Interesting how we have the opposite challenge here. I find it difficult to keep something short. A short story for me is 70k words. Anywho–I think it’s awesome that you’re able to do a little of it all.

Thanks for the interview, Nadina. I wish you much success.


  1. Wahoo!! I enjoyed reading this interview. And the book sounds like a great read. mmm anything to do with the opposite sex tends to be intriguing..hehehe

    • It is set in a satirical form of rules. My male friends were in a little shock and a little awe reading it. LOL… In fact everyone I asked which book would you like a free signed copy of? Everyone said The thinking man….. Mhhh. I need to re-read it. At times I feel I sink in paralysis out of excess analysis too:)
      Dicey Thank you so much for this and Cece thank you for reading:)

      • You’re welcome, Nadina. Your book seems very intriguing.

    • “anything to do with the opposite sex tends to be intriguing”–haha
      I agree.

  2. Great interview, Nadina! The premise of the book sounds fun (and awesome)! Hmm, wonder if my husband has any daft rules in his head LOL 🙂 j/k

    • Alesha, the premise does sound fun, doesn’t it. My hubby seems to only have old Martin Lawrence jokes on his brain when I ask what he’s thinking.

  3. Great interview. I’ll have to check out your books

    • Thanks for dropping by, Micheal. I’m sure Nadina will be pleased.

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