A Word About MAGIC MIKE.

With a husband and two young kids at home, I don’t get out much for fun. When I do, it involves the park or kiddie birthday parties. And as you probably know, when a bunch of screaming kids are involved, there’s not much fun to be had. Therefore, when I first found out Magic Mike was coming out, I immediately started planning an outing with my girls. Why? Because whenever I get a rare moment to spend away from dirty diapers and Dora the Explorer, I take it. Which usually means I have to plan it in advance. So last night, six of us fly girls went together, because yes, going to see a movie about male strippers makes the perfect Girls’ Night Out. Without further ado, I feel it’s my civic duty to report my findings.

First off, Magic Mike is only for the grown and sexy. Definitely drool-inspiring. Lots of skin. Highly suggestive sexual situations. Do not go to see this and then complain about all the nudity. It’s about STRIPPERS.

There are great dance scenes, especially with Channing Tatum. The plot was lacking, but I don’t think anyone was particularly concerned with that. When the previews first showed, people started dogging the female lead, Cody Horn. I wanted to reserve judgment until after watching the movie…and I can now safely say, she was the weakest link. I really wish they would have cast someone else for her role.

The movie’s classified as a comedy, but I didn’t find much of it funny (though I smiled an awful lot). It fails as a serious movie, so I guess the comedy label is as close as one can get. I recommend it only if you want to see Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Adam Rodriguez (yes, that guy from CSI Miami), and Matthew McConaughey look their sexiest. If you like to see boobs, there’s plenty of that too. No good sex scenes though. If you don’t go into it expecting an Academy Award-nominating film or anything that requires a lot of thought, you may enjoy it. It’s purely entertainment…from a carnal eye candy perspective. But you already knew that.

I give it 3.5 dice, which I round up to 4 out of 5 dice. Yes, there are indie films that show the same thing and more ten times over, but this is the first of its kind on the big screen. For that alone, it gets major props from Dicey for the daring concept.

****************SPOILERY COMMENTARY BELOW*****************

1. The movie has been criticized for not having any black men in it. My thoughts on that are, after reading a few articles about the original performers that the movie is loosely based on, I noticed that none of them were black. So–oh, well. The men in the movie are gorgeous and that’s enough for me. Perhaps there will be a black male stripper remake. I’ll go see that one too.

2. It’s also been criticized by some in the gay and bisexual communities for not portraying any strippers who are openly gay or bisexual. Sure, there are insinuations, but nothing conclusive. I’m no stranger to the male or female strip club scene, so I agree with those that say male strip clubs have plenty of gay and bisexual males. My thoughts on it not being represented in Magic Mike are that maybe the men Channing hung around during his short tenure (four months) really weren’t openly gay or bisexual.

Or maybe they were too afraid of alienating the female audience by showing any of the main guys in that way. If this is the case, I think they did the movie a disservice. Some women may not like to see that, but I’ve noticed quite a few women would have LOVED to have seen it. Just check out the reaction to women in your theater when they cut away from Alex Pettyfer as Adam and Matt Bomer as Ken saying how they loved each other. Ken’s married and has no problem sharing his wife with Adam. The foursome that happens next is only hinted at and women everywhere gasped at the shift to another scene. I, for one, was also disappointed. That being said, I can understand that lots of people aren’t ready for that. The theme of Magic Mike may be enough this go ’round. I’d be down for a remake with openly gay and bisexual men though. Just saying.

To those that say there was NO homoeroticism, I have to disagree. Dallas, the club owner played by McConaughey, gave Adam the “Kid”, played by Pettyfer, some serious dance tips that involved skin to skin hip gyration. Um…that was homoerotic if I’ve ever seen it. There were other scenes that probably played more closely to homo action only in my head. Unfortunately.

3. I find it interesting that so many folks are shocked that Channing Tatum can actually dance. Hello–watch Step Up (2006), people. He reportedly did all the dance stunts himself, which should be no surprise after you see him in Step Up. My favorite dance in Magic Mike was when he moved to Pony by Ginuwine. Un un un. I’m sure it’ll be on Youtube soon. The opening dance wasn’t bad either. Lawd have mercy.

4. The movie just ends, so if you hate abrupt endings, you will be pissed. Just as Magic Mike, played by Channing Tatum, decides to leave the industry and pursue romance, the movie’s over. One kiss, then done. I didn’t have a problem with that because I really didn’t buy his interest in her anyway. I’m not usually so hard on actors/actresses, but really. I did NOT like her in this role. Because I found it hard to believe he was so into her, I was okay with it ending with a will they be together?/will they not? He was done stripping, so as far as I was concerned the movie was over anyway. We all know what happened to Tatum after that. He went into acting, married his Step Up co-star, got some really good roles, and became one of the hottest actors onscreen, if five movies in 2012 is any indication of his success.

5. Lastly, Joe Manganiello plays Big Dick Richie. While I’m sure he’s probably well-endowed, they did not show him full frontal as hinted at for so many months. There was a scene with him using a penis pump and another with him behind a silhouette screen that supposedly shows him fully nekkid. I don’t think anyone’s fooled into thinking he’s showing anything other than a movie prop and/or prosthetic. Depending on how you look at it, that may be a bummer…or a blessing.

Edited on 7/26/12 to add the Youtube video for Tatum performing to Pony:



  1. This was so fun to watch but the plot was definitely lacking. If they’d staged the whole thing in the club I would have been more than happy.
    Liked Mike as a character especially with his scenes at the bank showing he wants more in the life. Didn’t expect the “more” to be a flat chested sour puss who has to draw her lips on to get a pout.
    I feel slightly bad being so bitchy but come on? All the ladies he’s had and he picks a girl who gives him the cold shoulder a little.
    I’d have stood by the fridge for an hour aswell if that worked

    • I had to get to the bottom of this, Natalie, to find out why this woman was allowed to ruin every scene she was in. A simple recasting would have made things SOOO much better. Here’s what I found: “Her father is the chairman of Walt Disney Studios and was, formerly, the president of Warner Bros.” Just see her IMDB page for my source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3158974/ And who do you think is backing this movie? “Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Nick Wechsler/Gregory Jacobs production of an Iron Horse/Extension 765 Enterprise, “Magic Mike,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner
      Bros. Entertainment Company.” Source: http://magicmikemovie.warnerbros.com/pdf/production_notes.pdf

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