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**Announcements**  **Announcements**  **Announcements**

I was in the middle of writing Zeek’s Loving Thorn, a novella of The Narcoleptic Vampire Series, when BAM! A discussion with a friend led to a discussion with my hubby, which led to an idea for a short story about marriage. It took me two weeks to write this dark comedy novelette–think The War of the Roses kind of comedy–and voila! I published my fifth twisted tale: How To Have A Perfect Marriage.

How To Have A Perfect Marriage Novelette CoverSynopsis:

Penola and Lennon have the perfect marriage because they follow twenty rules that ensure marital bliss. Controversial fiction author, Dicey Grenor, has released these rules so that couples everywhere can benefit from them. In case you’re wondering—hell yeah, it’s fiction…just like the “perfect” marriage. Fans of Dicey’s work will enjoy this novelette’s explosive combination of nonfiction and dark humor. New-to-Dicey readers will need to buckle up for this tongue-in-cheek ride and expect the unexpected.

It’s only 10k words. Takes about an hour or two to read. And I’m totally stoked that I was able to write something like this. So far, I’ve gotten nothing but positive responses. Yay!

Now, I have to get back to my paranormal novella so it can be ready within the next few weeks. Busy, busy, busy time.

Speaking of being busy–I was recently interviewed for Mahogany Keys, an ongoing series about The Complex Image of the African-American Woman. You can see my thoughts on blacks and sexuality, natural hair, and other issues that affect me directly as a woman of color.

I’m also registered to be a guest at Houston’s annual COMICPALOOZA: The Texas International Comic Con, May 24-26th. I’ll be there along with other horror/sci-fi/fantasy authors, actors from some of my favorite shows, game enthusiasts, comic/anime artists, and those of us who like to geek out over fun characters. Other guests that I recognize so far are: Kris Holden-Ried (Dyson, werewolf on Lost Girl AND werewolf on Underworld: Awakening), Sam Huntington (Josh, werewolf on Being Human), Craig Parker (Gaius Glaber on Spartacus–y’all KNOW that’s my show!–but he was also in The Legend of the Seeker, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Lord of the Rings…), and Zoie Palmer (Dr. Lauren, human lover to succubus Bo on Lost Girl). So come hang out with Dicey or come watch me make a fool of myself while I get my fangirl on. Click on the link to see other events and guests and to get tickets.

Lastly, I finally reached over 1000 fans/likes on FB. Yay! My children were pretty happy too and celebrated by pumping the party up. This is a video of my two-year-old and five-year-old dancing to PUMP THA PARTY:

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