Ebook Freebie For YOU On My Birthday/Anniversary.

photo (4)I’m celebrating my 39th birthday and my 2nd year as a published author. Same as last year around this time, Sleepy Willow’s Bonded Soul (The Narcoleptic Vampire Series, Vol. 1)  will be FREE on Kindle for 5 days. Anyone interested can download it from 9/26/13 to 9/30/13. Be sure to share this info with your reading buddies, especially if they enjoy erotic paranormal/fantasy books.

What can you expect from this book? Interracial relationships, taboo sex, an abundance of profanity, diverse characters, dark humor, character-driven first person narrative, gore, violence, an unbiased examination of religious and spiritual concepts, and glimpses into my warped imagination. It’s not for the squeamish or easily offended. So beware.

Synopsis: Ever since vampirism became illegal, the undead have been hunted to near-extinction. So Willow has to watch her back to make sure no one finds out what she is. And that’s not easy considering she’s a vampire with narcolepsy. Predator can become prey at any moment, especially with the skillful Vampire Extermination Team (VET) on the job.

Hoping to blend in with the nightlife, Willow takes advantage of being an animated corpse by performing for necrophiliacs at premiere fetish club Hades. Here, she discovers colleagues with other supernatural secrets. She’s also unexpectedly drawn to Remi, her most loyal fan, despite his deviant sexual nature and personality disorder. But succumbing to her lust is not a good idea since her maistre vampire forbids it.

Now Willow has to outsmart VET agents, escape bounty hunters, and find a cure for narcolepsy…or vampirism. And she’s got to break the bond with her maistre, no matter how powerful and unrelenting he is. 

Most importantly, can she stay awake long enough to do any of it?

Be sure to download your copy between 9/26/13 and 9/30/13, and share this info with anyone you think can handle it. 😀

New Sleepy Willow's Bonded Soul Cover

FYI: The lovely cover model is my pal, Jaies Baptiste. You can read her interview here.

*The selfie photo is the first of its kind. My mother wanted to know what I was wearing on Thursday night before I went to hang out with some local vamps (I’ll give you deets later), so I sent her this pic. I thought…what the hell. Might as well share it with the world. You only turn 39 once.*

[SAMPLE SATURDAY] Bodies: Staged Fright by Sameer Ketkar–Excerpt

915o8Zp0lrL._SL1500_I haven’t read this book yet. I met the author, via a FB group, and enjoyed another of his books about a serial killer. Bodies: Staged Fright (Book 1) looks like another hit for this author. Check out this sample.

BODIES is a quirky new murder-mystery series that’s equal parts HBO’s “Big Love” and “NCIS.”

Amanda Romanclef was Hollywood’s current It Girl, a perfect combination of Girl Next Door and spicy vixen.  Her last film Blue Heartbreak had been a commercial and critical flop, but had become extremely popular in illegal downloads because of her extended nude scenes.  I’d heard her say in interviews that she loved how she felt when she was naked, and that she wasn’t afraid to let her fans (like me!) enjoy it.

Amanda had really been hoping that her new film, Blue Heartbreak 2:  More Heartbreak, would push her through the glass ceiling she’d kept hitting, and so she was pleasantly surprised with the response it got at tonight’s premiere in Atlanta (which is where the film was set).  The crowd at first laughed at some of her nude scenes — snickering, cat-calling, whispering “Chloe Sevigny” and “Brown Bunny — but then they got very quiet:  They were watching with rapt attention.  And, when More Heartbreak ended, they applauded.  Loudly.  Some even stood on their feet.  The applause:  Uproarious.  The crowd loved her.  They couldn’t get enough.  She shook hands and kissed cheeks and got her ass grabbed more than once.  But she didn’t care.  It was so much fun.  All these people were there for her, and she loved it.  She was glowing.

“This is going to be it,” she whispered to her boyfriend Matt, your typical popped-collar douche; pretty, but vacuous.  “My breakthrough!”

“Enough of America’s Darling, it’s time for you to get paid!” Matt said, kissing her cheek.

“I want a big back-end deal next time,” Amanda said, and quickly turned to her agent Eddie B., laughing:  “And, no, I’m not doing a sex tape.”  That was her standard joke whenever she talked about back-end participation.  And Hollywood types didn’t seem to mind; they always loved talking about anal.

Eddie B. hurriedly escorted her and Matt outside towards the gathered press pool.  Eddie was short and bald and very Jewish, but with a sinister I-do-what-I-want quality about him that was sort of irresistible.

As soon as the trio exited the theater onto the velvet-rope-lined red carpet, flashbulbs exploded from dozens of cameras.  Amanda was wearing a stunning, floor-length white dress with a sexy, snake-like slit slithering all the way up the left side.  All the way to the top.  Gold clasps lined the slit from thigh to breast, holding the dress together with only a one-inch gap that tapered elegantly at the top.

All the paparazzi called out Amanda’s name, wanting her to turn their way for the glamour shot, a couple duck-face shots, some au naturel laughing shots, and some over-the-shoulder derriere shots.  Everyone wanted to know whose dress she was wearing.

“It’s Derek Lam,” Amanda told a gaggle of reporters, before smiling and gliding off.

Amanda hooked one arm through her boyfriend’s arm, the other through her agent’s arm, and stepped, smiling, into her idling limousine with them.  She grinned, and tapped the driver’s shoulder.  The limo took off.  “Did you see that?” Amanda asked her two favorite boys; excited.  “They’ve never been all over me like that!”

“You are going places, girl!” Eddie B. said, looking at her lecherously.

Matt put an arm protectively around Amanda’s waist, and pulled her onto his lap.  The limo drove through sluggish traffic for several miles before slowing to a stop outside the Grand Plaza Hotel.  The driver signaled a left turn, and waited for a half dozen cars to pass before turning cautiously and slowly into the hotel’s entrance plaza.


 The head maid at the Grand Plaza Hotel, Maria Vokyaro, whistled softly to herself as she wheeled her cart past Room 2698.  She heard a television within, and a cartoon playing, but the do not disturb sign made her keep walking.  As usual, her replacement for the night shift — a pretty little thing named Samantha — was late.  Maria had recommended Samantha be let go, but so far management had done nothing about it.  Maria sighed, and rolled past Room 2694 — do not disturb — but then she wrinkled her brow:  She heard what sounded like a really loud television down the hall.  She kept going that direction.  And, passing Room 2683 — do not disturb — she started nodding with realization:  She knew what the noise was coming from the television.  It was easy to discern now.  It was porn.  It was loud, hardcore porn.  “That’s gotta be porn, right…?” she mumbled, screwing up her face.  She kept pushing her cart, but more slowly now.  The noise was coming from Room 2679.  And it was starting to sound less and less like porn; more and more like live people.  Live people screaming oaths of ecstasy and sexual release.

But…there seemed to be…three voices screaming within.  Two men and a woman.  All enjoying each other’s company.

Maria blushed at the thought.


 Amanda, her boyfriend Matt, and her agent Eddie B. were all indeed having sex together in Room 2679.  All the lights were on.  Clothes were scattered everywhere.  There were two bottles of champagne, drained.  Three champagne flutes were scattered on the room’s flat surfaces.  Two broken flutes were in the trash.  The remains of cocaine and chocolate-covered strawberries were on the ground and all over the threesome.

Amanda cried out in joy as she was held upright between Matt and Eddie B., letting them both fuck her like they knew she liked:  Bouncing her between them.  “Yeah!  Just like that,” Amanda hooted.  “Just like — fucking — that, baby!”

Suddenly, she sniffed loudly.  She smelled something awful.  She’d seen a lot of shit — literal shit — in her lifetime, so her first instinct was to think that someone had lost their bowels.  “Fucking baby laxative!” she grumbled.  But she didn’t see any shit.  She looked all around, wrinkling her nose.  The stench was awful!  Amanda looked back and forth around her — while still bouncing between her two favorite men.  “Do you guys smell that?  What is that?”

In unison, Matt and Eddie B. shook their heads; Matt grunted, “No.”

“It’s just…” Amanda’s voice trailed off.  She tried not to breathe through her nose.  But the smell was horrible!  Like a dead rat behind the walls.  “You really don’t smell that?”

Matt grunted a noise that Amanda thought meant “no”; then he looked up, high-fived Eddie B., and yelped excitedly.  But suddenly, Matt got embarrassed and looked away, having the red-faced realization that he’d just made eye- and hand-contact with another guy while having sex.

And in that moment Amanda lost her balance.  She reached out a hand to the wall to steady herself, but as she did, her hand went straight through the drywall, revealing a partially decomposed human head!  A dead body was apparently standing upright just behind the wall, and Amanda’s hand had revealed its head!

Amanda screamed at the top of her lungs, and practically leaped away from the head.  Matt and Eddie B. backed away in fear, finally smelling the horrific stench of rotting flesh that Amanda had been smelling for the past few minutes.

But it got worse.  With its head sticking through the drywall, and the body standing upright behind it, the corpse’s weight started cracking through the wall — slowly at first, the sheetrock spiderwebbing — until finally the entire body crashed to the ground in Room 2679 of the Grand Plaza Hotel.  Spilling dust and debris all over Amanda Romanclef, Eddie B., and Matt.

The corpse was recognizably a man.  He was quite well-muscled, and hadn’t been dead too long:  His body was only just starting to decompose.  But all over him were huge, greenish, baseball-sized boils that had eaten straight through his clothing.

The largest of the boils rose disgustingly before Amanda’s very eyes and………popped!  Splattering yellow-green puss in all directions.

Amanda, Matt, and Eddie B. just stood there in horrified shock, covered in dripping green puss.


If the sample reeled you in, get the book here for $.99.

17 Reasons Women Love Riddick.

Richard_B_RiddickI am a Sci-Fi/Fantasy chick. So it’s no big surprise that I went to see the movie Riddick today, matinee style. It was excellent. 5 stars. I had to take a break from writing my own Alpha male story to see this one on the big screen. I figured it would give me some inspiration. I was right.

There’s no secret to why guys like Riddick. He’s a macho man’s man. Fearless and mighty in battle. Grrrrr.


Since women are 90% of my readers, I thought it was important to refresh myself on what we love in a good Hero. Or in Riddick’s case, maybe Anti-hero. In developing my main character, Punch, and telling his story from his POV, I made a few mental notes while watching the movie. I’m hoping that paying extra attention to what we love about Riddick will help me stay on track with what my readers will love about Punch.

Here goes…

*whispers* Yes, this is a list of what I like, but I’m transferring it to all women. Just play along. It’s my blog.

17 Reasons Women Love Riddick:

1. Vin Diesel plays him in the movies. What woman doesn’t find him attractive in an animalistic sort of way? Symmetrical facial features, nice body build, oozes sex appeal… Look it up. Those are the ingredients for stirring up a woman’s lust meter.

2. He respects and protects women and children and takes care of animals. Beware the man who strikes a woman, sacrifices a child to protect himself, or injures Riddick’s pet. *shudders*

NOTE: This is not intended to be anti-feministic. You’re a proud, strong woman who can take care of herself. Yeah. I know. It’s still nice to know you don’t have to all the time. That there’s someone who will have your back when you need it the most. Riddick wouldn’t let you down.

3. He’s a man of his word. If he says he’s going to kill you within the first five seconds of his chains being released–believe him. Run!!!

4. That damn voice. Lord have mercy. Lust meter rises again. Give him a microphone and just let him talk.

5. Those arms. He works ’em out. That’s evident. He uses them to destroy things and look pretty impressive doing it.

6. He’s a killer with an honor code. His kills are never random. They are justified. He doesn’t kill innocent people. He kills those who try to kill him. Most of us just wish we could get revenge when severely hurt by others. Riddick actually makes that happen.

7. He’s smart. I’m not just saying that because he’s hot. Look at how he outsmarts his enemies. He always stays one step ahead of them. Look at how he watches the planet elements and prepares instinctively for danger that no one else realizes until it’s too late.

8. He never gives up. We see strength and resilience in every tough situation he’s placed in. Even when he’s surrounded by the scariest monsters ever (human and alien), he continues to fight for survival. There is always a way out of an obstacle until there isn’t one.

9. Those eyes. Everyone needs shiners like that.

10. He looks good dirty and wearing all black…with dark shades and knives. Hell, he just looks good. He could wear a trash bag and still be hot. He’s dressed for comfort and utility, looks menacing and intimidating, AND still looks like sex on a stick. Not many could pull that off. See #1, #5, and #9.

11. He has a sense of humor. Anyone who can laugh while being chained up and beaten is not necessarily someone ready to host Saturday Night Live BUT it does indicate he’s more likely to see humor in the most dire situations. Who wants to be around someone serious all the time? Not me. Sure, he may use that humor to catch you off guard and further his agenda. And you definitely don’t want to be the punchline of his joke. But at least if you tell him you intend to put his head in a box, and he ironically puts yours in it first–you could die knowing the audience got a good laugh at your expense.

12. He’s calm in the face of danger. How many times would you pee on yourself if you were faced with those ugly aliens and money-hungry mercs? I’d do a little more than that on myself, I’m sure. Yet, Riddick is calm. Cool. Collected. Smooth. While the aliens are busy trying to eat him and the mercs are busy trying to collect on his head, he’s plotting. He’s figuring out how many different ways there are to kill them one by one. He stares the aliens and humans down with those shiny eyes. Dares them to eff with him. When they are stupid enough to try this Furyan, he sets them straight. He reminds the humans he gave them an out that they were too naive to take. He shows the aliens he had just been minding his own business, but they’d forced the animal in him to come out and wreck havoc on an otherwise nice, calm night. Now, would you want a man that freaks out during an enemy attack or one that comes up with an escape plan? Yeah. I thought so.

13. He’s courageous. He does not back down. He is not afraid of anything. He waits for the best time to strike then uses his brain and brawn to defeat anyone or anything in his way. When faced with a challenge, he tackles it head-on with his muscles, his will power, and his desire to survive.

14. He withstands pain and uses it to make himself stronger. He may get bruised, but he’s never broken. That same courage from #13 may get him in some painful situations. Riddick embraces that. He doesn’t allow pain to be a deterrence. He adapts to pain, realizing that experiencing it is better than being dead. Inoculations may be painful, but they aid in the prevention and spread of communicable diseases. The boost it gives our immune system is worth more to us in the long term than those short term pains. Riddick gets this. Another way of saying this–he ain’t no motherf*cking punk.

15. He kills creatively, which is entertaining to watch. It may not be the most ladylike thing to say, but you know it’s true. You get a rush when he does something really barbaric. If he started giving his enemies sleeping pills and watching them quietly slip into the afterlife, you wouldn’t find him as fun to watch, now would you? Lucky for us, he doesn’t do that. He surprises his targets. He doesn’t need ammo and guns. He likes to get up close and personal with blades. He takes them out with murderous skill and no precision. A slice that runs from his enemy’s left eyebrow to their right nipple is fine as long as it gets the job done. He’s silent, sneaky. I wonder how in the world he keeps sneaking up on all those folks and going unnoticed, but whatever. It is more entertaining that way. They don’t know which way he’s coming from and neither do we.

16. He’s really a good guy underneath all the hard outer shell instead of the villain people make him out to be, but he needs the outer shell for protection…of those who dare take his good side as a weakness.

17. He’s nostalgic about home: Furya. He wants to be back there. He misses his planet. Every woman loves a man who ventures out into the world but realizes there’s no place like home. We know he will always find his way back. Awwww.

I can only cross my fingers and hope my werewolf, Punch, is as interesting as Riddick.

***BONUS*** Why Women Love The Movie Riddick: If you enjoyed Pitch Black, you will enjoy this one. Audiences are taken back to when whatever’s in the dark is scarier than a human with a big gun and a chip on his shoulder. We’re talking nasty aliens. That part is exciting, but this is really for Riddick lovers. We get to see lots of him. Doing scary stuff. Saying scary stuff. And doing it in the most sexy way. Umph!

My list above may focus on heterosexual women, but I propose it is not limited by sexual orientation or gender. It was not my intention to exclude anyone, but to narrow my list down to a particular audience for time’s sake. If you’re watching this movie, you’ve probably already seen and enjoyed Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. You’re already a fan of the Furyan, Richard B. Riddick, and you can identify with these beloved characteristics that keep you coming back to the theater to see him.

#TalkAboutItTuesday BDSM Role Player or Life-Styler?

“I’ll gladly answer any questions burning on your brain on ANY topic. Nothing is off limits. Just be prepared for my honest answer.”–I posted that on my FB page a few weeks ago and got some interesting questions…one that still sort of makes me laugh.

Clare D.: I love the book and the way you write your shapeshifters it really paints a picture. I feel like I’m a apart of the transformation. Do you see yourself writing spin offs say characters who frequented the club but say moved away and did there own thing sort of a Cheers and Frasier sort of thing? Have you ever considered writing outside the paranormal genre? And here’s the doozy I thought too personal to ask— I saw some pics posted of you and your family beautiful…. but am….I’m wondering… is your husband wearing a collar? ::hides face and winces:: I mean you don’t have to answer obviously but is he your ::wincing again:: sub? If he is I think it is frickin’ awesome and if he’s not and you guys are the awesome types straight laced lawyers by day comic con, leather wearing, fandom afficionados by night– please put in a good word to the Lord for me cause I’m lovin’ either way. I’m a wanna be. K….

Dicey: Clare, I’m glad you’re enjoying my writing style! As far as spin-offs go, depending on reader reception of my next book from Punch’s POV, I may do a werewolf spin-off to the vampire series. I have also considered a spin-off for another paranormal creature that frequents Hades (that I won’t name to prevent giving a spoiler away) and hasn’t been introduced yet. It all depends on how my muses continue to act.

Though my paranormal series is more popular than my other books, I have already written in other genres and will continue to do so. SHAMEFUL is a naughty taboo tale about a married mother of 3 who has an affair with a 16 y/o. Her 14 y/o daughter being interested in the same stud presents all sorts of unpredictable drama. I’ve also published HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE, which is about a couple who follows 20 rules to ensure the perfect marriage…and fail miserably. It’s a dark comedy novelette (10k words).

Regarding your last question–How dare you ask me that!–JUST KIDDING!!! Girrrrrl! That question made me laugh out loud. Surprisingly, you’re the only one who has mentioned the spiked collar around his neck. Maybe others are scared to ask…because of the answer they might get. LOL I must say…your question shows that you, my dear, must be familiar with the BDSM lifestyle in order to have recognized that collar. We’ve probably been reading some of the same books. That’s also what was so funny about your question. Others may not have even recognized the symbolism. Haha. I’m stalling… Where was I?

Oh, yes. Is Danny my sub? The short answer is no. The longer answer is no, not in the literal sense; we’re players when the mood strikes. I know you know what that means. I’d hate to seem less cool by admitting the collar was part of a costume only, but we just have fun dressing up and “playing”. It’s not our lifestyle…but I’d definitely be the FEMDOMME if it were. You can call me Mistress Dicey if you like. Kidding again. I love the way you worded this: “…you guys are the awesome types straight laced lawyers by day comic con, leather wearing, fandom afficionados by night…” That pretty much sums it up. GRRRRREAT QUESTIONS!!!


Dressing up and playing characters is pretty much how I enjoy Comic Cons, Halloween, Vampire Balls, 70’s & 80’s parties… anything outside my daily routine.

I read a book (Tender Mercies by Kitty Thomas) earlier this summer about a woman (Grace) who was fed up with role playing as a submissive and wanted something real. She willfully moved to an island and became a slave. Initially, she got more than she bargained for from a cruel Dom, but at least it worked out for her in the end. She ended up getting the master of her dreams (Asher), who had learned how to dole out tender mercies after an unfortunate punishment of his former slave turned fatal. I couldn’t help but think–Damn. Hardcore Grace would look at me as an imposter. 😀 But really, I just like to have fun…and keep things interesting for my hubby.

What about YOU? How important is role playing for fun or actually living the lifestyle?

On another note, since I do a lot of research for certain characters that are “in the life”, I’ve come across some good nonfiction material. Check out Tymber Dalton’s The Real Rules For BDSM, if you think you may be more of a life-styler, and her book, Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Hot Sex, if you’re inclined to write in the genre.

No matter whether you’re serious about BDSM or playing around–enjoy!