17 Reasons Women Love Riddick.

Richard_B_RiddickI am a Sci-Fi/Fantasy chick. So it’s no big surprise that I went to see the movie Riddick today, matinee style. It was excellent. 5 stars. I had to take a break from writing my own Alpha male story to see this one on the big screen. I figured it would give me some inspiration. I was right.

There’s no secret to why guys like Riddick. He’s a macho man’s man. Fearless and mighty in battle. Grrrrr.


Since women are 90% of my readers, I thought it was important to refresh myself on what we love in a good Hero. Or in Riddick’s case, maybe Anti-hero. In developing my main character, Punch, and telling his story from his POV, I made a few mental notes while watching the movie. I’m hoping that paying extra attention to what we love about Riddick will help me stay on track with what my readers will love about Punch.

Here goes…

*whispers* Yes, this is a list of what I like, but I’m transferring it to all women. Just play along. It’s my blog.

17 Reasons Women Love Riddick:

1. Vin Diesel plays him in the movies. What woman doesn’t find him attractive in an animalistic sort of way? Symmetrical facial features, nice body build, oozes sex appeal… Look it up. Those are the ingredients for stirring up a woman’s lust meter.

2. He respects and protects women and children and takes care of animals. Beware the man who strikes a woman, sacrifices a child to protect himself, or injures Riddick’s pet. *shudders*

NOTE: This is not intended to be anti-feministic. You’re a proud, strong woman who can take care of herself. Yeah. I know. It’s still nice to know you don’t have to all the time. That there’s someone who will have your back when you need it the most. Riddick wouldn’t let you down.

3. He’s a man of his word. If he says he’s going to kill you within the first five seconds of his chains being released–believe him. Run!!!

4. That damn voice. Lord have mercy. Lust meter rises again. Give him a microphone and just let him talk.

5. Those arms. He works ’em out. That’s evident. He uses them to destroy things and look pretty impressive doing it.

6. He’s a killer with an honor code. His kills are never random. They are justified. He doesn’t kill innocent people. He kills those who try to kill him. Most of us just wish we could get revenge when severely hurt by others. Riddick actually makes that happen.

7. He’s smart. I’m not just saying that because he’s hot. Look at how he outsmarts his enemies. He always stays one step ahead of them. Look at how he watches the planet elements and prepares instinctively for danger that no one else realizes until it’s too late.

8. He never gives up. We see strength and resilience in every tough situation he’s placed in. Even when he’s surrounded by the scariest monsters ever (human and alien), he continues to fight for survival. There is always a way out of an obstacle until there isn’t one.

9. Those eyes. Everyone needs shiners like that.

10. He looks good dirty and wearing all black…with dark shades and knives. Hell, he just looks good. He could wear a trash bag and still be hot. He’s dressed for comfort and utility, looks menacing and intimidating, AND still looks like sex on a stick. Not many could pull that off. See #1, #5, and #9.

11. He has a sense of humor. Anyone who can laugh while being chained up and beaten is not necessarily someone ready to host Saturday Night Live BUT it does indicate he’s more likely to see humor in the most dire situations. Who wants to be around someone serious all the time? Not me. Sure, he may use that humor to catch you off guard and further his agenda. And you definitely don’t want to be the punchline of his joke. But at least if you tell him you intend to put his head in a box, and he ironically puts yours in it first–you could die knowing the audience got a good laugh at your expense.

12. He’s calm in the face of danger. How many times would you pee on yourself if you were faced with those ugly aliens and money-hungry mercs? I’d do a little more than that on myself, I’m sure. Yet, Riddick is calm. Cool. Collected. Smooth. While the aliens are busy trying to eat him and the mercs are busy trying to collect on his head, he’s plotting. He’s figuring out how many different ways there are to kill them one by one. He stares the aliens and humans down with those shiny eyes. Dares them to eff with him. When they are stupid enough to try this Furyan, he sets them straight. He reminds the humans he gave them an out that they were too naive to take. He shows the aliens he had just been minding his own business, but they’d forced the animal in him to come out and wreck havoc on an otherwise nice, calm night. Now, would you want a man that freaks out during an enemy attack or one that comes up with an escape plan? Yeah. I thought so.

13. He’s courageous. He does not back down. He is not afraid of anything. He waits for the best time to strike then uses his brain and brawn to defeat anyone or anything in his way. When faced with a challenge, he tackles it head-on with his muscles, his will power, and his desire to survive.

14. He withstands pain and uses it to make himself stronger. He may get bruised, but he’s never broken. That same courage from #13 may get him in some painful situations. Riddick embraces that. He doesn’t allow pain to be a deterrence. He adapts to pain, realizing that experiencing it is better than being dead. Inoculations may be painful, but they aid in the prevention and spread of communicable diseases. The boost it gives our immune system is worth more to us in the long term than those short term pains. Riddick gets this. Another way of saying this–he ain’t no motherf*cking punk.

15. He kills creatively, which is entertaining to watch. It may not be the most ladylike thing to say, but you know it’s true. You get a rush when he does something really barbaric. If he started giving his enemies sleeping pills and watching them quietly slip into the afterlife, you wouldn’t find him as fun to watch, now would you? Lucky for us, he doesn’t do that. He surprises his targets. He doesn’t need ammo and guns. He likes to get up close and personal with blades. He takes them out with murderous skill and no precision. A slice that runs from his enemy’s left eyebrow to their right nipple is fine as long as it gets the job done. He’s silent, sneaky. I wonder how in the world he keeps sneaking up on all those folks and going unnoticed, but whatever. It is more entertaining that way. They don’t know which way he’s coming from and neither do we.

16. He’s really a good guy underneath all the hard outer shell instead of the villain people make him out to be, but he needs the outer shell for protection…of those who dare take his good side as a weakness.

17. He’s nostalgic about home: Furya. He wants to be back there. He misses his planet. Every woman loves a man who ventures out into the world but realizes there’s no place like home. We know he will always find his way back. Awwww.

I can only cross my fingers and hope my werewolf, Punch, is as interesting as Riddick.

***BONUS*** Why Women Love The Movie Riddick: If you enjoyed Pitch Black, you will enjoy this one. Audiences are taken back to when whatever’s in the dark is scarier than a human with a big gun and a chip on his shoulder. We’re talking nasty aliens. That part is exciting, but this is really for Riddick lovers. We get to see lots of him. Doing scary stuff. Saying scary stuff. And doing it in the most sexy way. Umph!

My list above may focus on heterosexual women, but I propose it is not limited by sexual orientation or gender. It was not my intention to exclude anyone, but to narrow my list down to a particular audience for time’s sake. If you’re watching this movie, you’ve probably already seen and enjoyed Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. You’re already a fan of the Furyan, Richard B. Riddick, and you can identify with these beloved characteristics that keep you coming back to the theater to see him.



  1. He sounds just like me:) I’m going to have to see that one. TY for the Riddick update. W4$

    • I’ll just have to create a character based on you, then. I could call him Buck For Wright. 😀 Hope you enjoy Riddick as much as I did.

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