Review of 300: Rise of an Empire.

300_Rise_of_an_EmpireSince 300 is one of my favorite movies, I wasted no time going to see 300: Rise of an Empire 3D. I highly recommend it for those who loved the first one and Starz’s Spartacus, though I don’t think this movie was better than either of those. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it serves more as a good filler for the void our other favorites left us. It’s more of all the blood splatter, slo-mo violence, ripped shirtless men, and fiesty no-nonsense women we’ve come to enjoy. Yes, there is also nudity and a sex scene to raise your eyebrows.┬áIn case you’re unfamiliar with its predecessor, be forewarned: This is NOT for the squeamish.

The timeline runs alongside the occurences in 300 and continues beyond. We also get Xerxes’s backstory, battles that take place at sea as well as land, and a history lesson of how the death of 300 Spartans helped to unify all of Greece against the Persians. Although it’s easier to root for Greece in this one, I don’t think there are any real villains and heroes here. These are barbaric times when everyone is loyal to their home or seeking revenge. Everyone is brave and willing to risk everything for what they believe in, which is mainly freedom and power. And in the end, the side with the most people left alive after so many sword-weilded deaths are winners.

My only problem–I didn’t connect to the leader, Themistocles, as well as I did Leonidas. And for that matter, I didn’t feel as strongly about his army as I did the fearless 300 who went to their glorious deaths mocking Xerxes. 300 pulled on my emotions. Rise of an Empire did not. Of course, that may be a good thing for other viewers.

It was good to see Jack O’Connell (Cook on 2nd gen of UK Skins) in the cast. Also good to see Eva Green (The Dreamers, Casino Royale, Camelot) in her deliciously dark and wicked role, opposite Lena Headey (Game of Thrones, The Mortal Instruments, Gossip).

I WILL be adding this movie to my collection.