[#Sample Saturday] WOLF’S FIRE by Dicey Grenor~Sexy Excerpt.

SONY DSCI was just sitting here thinking that I hadn’t released an excerpt for WOLF’S FIRE (A Novella of The Narcoleptic Vampire Series Vol. 3.2) yet. Well, here goes.  Dicey’s standard warning applies: Rated M for mature audiences only. Beware if you are offended by graphic sex and profanity…in which case, you shouldn’t even be reading my blog. 😀


He palmed her ass cheeks and lifted them to meet his next thrust. He went deep. And deeper. He watched as her skin gradually turned a darker red. He just loved watching her flush. He could always tell how close she was by how red her white skin got. Her green eyes fluttered up to his and held his gaze. His eyes turned as amber as Ron Matusalem premium Dominican rum. “Where are you?” He knew, but he loved hearing her say how high he took her pleasure on a scale from one to ten.

“Nine and a half,” she whispered.

Okay, she was really close. That was hot. Really hot. She looked hot writhing under him. Her body felt hot tightening around him. It felt so good, but he had no desire to come, only to make her do it. He pulled out until he was between one to two inches in. He wanted to watch his head going in and out of her flushed pussy. Over and over. But more importantly, he wanted to hit that spot. Yes, that one. The one that would make her squirt her hot juice all over him. Then he’d stick his tongue and lips and nose down there and lick and sip and smell and bathe himself in everything she shot out.

He angled his hips just so to hit that spot just right. He hit it again. He picked up the stroking as she turned her head side to side begging him not to stop. Oh, she shouldn’t worry about that. He wouldn’t stop. Not until she trembled and bucked and screamed she couldn’t take anymore.

Oh, fuck. He started pounding her now. Just a little more. That’s all it would take. Right ther—

Bam! Bam! Bam!

What the…?

“No, no! Don’t stop. I’m almost there.” Her hips undulated to meet his, but his concentration was broken.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Same noise again. Was someone at the door? It certainly wasn’t their bed rocking. That thing had been welded to the wall and floor to accommodate the two animals that fucked on it.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“I’m sorry, baby. I gotta see what’s up.”

She started shaking with pent up tension and a tear slid down her eye. “Not now. Wait. Not yet. I need it.” She clutched at his arm.

He wiped the tear with his thumb. “I promise I’ll be right back. Think of it as delayed gratification. It’ll be even better later.”

He got up and stepped into some black boxer briefs, doing his best not to feel bad as he saw her trembling body roll to its side out of the corner of his eye.


Thanks for reading and sharing. ❤

This is the Amazon link. It’s available in ebook and paperback. Currently ten 5-star reviews.


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Writing Process Blog Tour.

The lovely author, Miranda Kavi, told me this Writing Process Blog Tour wouldn’t be as time-consuming as the 2011 blog tour I participated in. Good. ‘Cause I’ve been avoiding them like the plague ever since. But I’ve been inspired. After reading her insightful writing process post, I think I can…I think I can…

If you’re a fan of my work, and you’ve wondered the process behind the filth I write, here’s your chance to be in the know.

What am I working on?

An erotic romance, featuring an Irish musician and a biracial nerdy chick. This will be my first foray into a more mainstream audience. It will be a nice, sweet… Oh, who the fuck am I kidding? It will be as raunchy as my previous works. BUT it will be written under a different pen. Mainstream audiences won’t know what hit ’em. So there. Here is chapter 1.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Well, The Narcoleptic Vampire series is so off the charts that it doesn’t fit neatly into any box. It’s multicultural. The main character is a vampire with narcolepsy. She’s black and works in a fetish club as a Necrophilia Specialist. She’s been reared in a strict, southern baptist home, so she’s striving and failing to be a religious vampire. Her love interest has a personality disorder. And so sets the tone for the rest of the insanity that occurs within the series, including an intersexed vampire, werewolves, demons, ghosts, dragons, and every other creature I could fit into the plot.

Bottom line, I write what disgusts most people…because I can. I’m an indie author. I don’t have to worry about market trends and publishers. I write what my very small, specific audience–lovers of dark, twisted fiction–like to read. Same thing goes for my other novels outside this series. Those who are tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol–I write with them in mind.

Why do I write what I write?

I sort of answered this with the previous question. I write what I do because I get sick of reading about the same characters over and over again. Everyone looks the same–and not like me. Everyone acts similarly. The plots are all similar depending on whatever publishers say is hot at the moment. And most of the time, the books tread light in areas where they could get down and dirty. Bump that. Let’s get down and dirty. This is fiction, so why not???

Disclaimer: This is not to slam mainstream writers. They are good at what they do, and I enjoy reading that from time-to-time. This is just my attempt at explaining why that style of writing is not for ME. Sometimes I prefer something more hardcore, but it’s harder to find. Maybe that’s because the money is in mainstream stuff. Or maybe it’s because most people’s brains aren’t wired with an edge like mine. Who knows. I write what I enjoy reading. Period.

How does my writing process work?

Hmmm. This is opening a can of warm, slimy worms. I have to reveal to you that I have an obsessive personality in order for this to make sense. Fine. In the words of the late Notorious B.I.G., “If you don’t know, now you know.”

It goes like this (my first-person recount): I binge-watch forty-eight episodes (give or take a few) of a show I love OR I watch a movie I love twice…maybe three times. There’s a character…a man, more specifically, that catches my attention. In a big way. I begin to obsess over him…in the most harmless of ways, I assure you. I watch everything he’s acted in. I watch all of his Youtube interviews. I figure out everything I can possibly find out about him, and what I don’t know, my brain fills in the gaps. I put a picture together of who he is even though I don’t really know. While I’m doing all this obsessing, my brain is developing a story around him. The other characters start to develop, the ones he interacts with. His romances, his dialogues, they all stick in my head until the characters come to life and create a whole new world outside of me. I’m privileged to their discussions, of course. But only me, until I write it down for the world to read. The characters tell me what to share. They are relentless, in fact. They keep talking until I write it all down. Then they are silent. They disappear. They don’t talk to me anymore, not unless it’s a series and there’s another part they wish for me to write. In the meantime, the obsession is dead.

That’s how my most intense creations are formed. Somewhere in this process, I have umpteen conversations with my husband about it. He understands me. He encourages me, bless his heart. He helps me work through character development and key plot points. After our talks, I make a general outline of the direction the book will go. The characters decide the details as I write chapter by chapter. I write sequentially, meaning I don’t move on to the next chapter until the current one is complete. I send it to two betas who read behind me for story, clarity, and general editing issues. Kendy and Bill let me know if everything flows well and their overall feelings of the chapter. I move on to the next. After I complete the whole novel, it’s pretty much done, but I’m obsessive, remember? I’ll go back through the book one more time in print and make any final edits. Then fin. The end.

Whew. I got that off my chest. Have I freaked you out yet? No??? Then you’re a real fan, and this ((((hug)))) is for you.

I don’t have any relevant pics to go with this post. I mean, how do you take a photo of a creatively neurotic mind at work? You don’t. Please settle for these pics of Miranda and I out goofing off one night a few weeks ago. Good times.

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*You were right, Miranda. Just one blog post and I’m done. Not bad at all. 😀 *