Dicey’s Review of the 1st #Texxxas Expo.


Getting schooled by a LEGEND: Ms. Nina Hartley.

I am a self-proclaimed porn enthusiast. I’m not shy about letting the world know that either. I’ve got nothing to hide. Judge me all you want…from your laptop where you secretly watch porn. And if you don’t watch it, good for you. Whoopty do.

Your partner’s probably enjoying it right now. Without you. So…I still wouldn’t be too judgy, if I were you. But whatever.

Moving on.

I respect the porn industry like I do any other industry.  It is a business. For adults. It’s an exchange, a mutually beneficial relationship, of the sexual variety. Exhibitionists are paid to have sex on camera, and voyeurs, like me, pay to watch them. I see porn as a beautiful work of art where performers express themselves through acting out sex scenes, much in the same way I write out sex scenes in my books. The performers, directors, producers, make-up artists, costume designers, sound engineers, camera and lighting crews tell a story, controlling the scene through sounds and visuals. Each artist brings something special and unique about themselves to the set, and that affects the chemistry that is captured on camera. That’s what we connect with as we watch.

I’ve been wanting to go to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas for a while, so when I caught wind that The Texxxas Expo was coming to Houston, this was a no-brainer. I was going, for sure. After drama with the venue getting changed twice, due to anti-porn-convention outsiders, it was held Wednesday, August 17th, through Saturday, August 20th. With my schedule, however, I was only able to go Saturday. My hubby and I went to the expo at Cover Girls and the luau later at Vivid.

So…you want to know what it was like or what?

I’m going to be honest. ‘Cause I always shoot it straight on my blog, right?

You ready?


Getting spanked by the best: Venus Lux.


Chatting it up with Evan Stone, the dominant lover who triggers my hair fetish.

It was even better than I could have hoped. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life were at the Texxxas Expo. EVER MET. And I mean that. I would hang out with porn stars all day long, if I could. They were just that kind, thoughtful, friendly, open, fun, and of course, beautiful. I just loooove genuine people who live life on their own terms.

I’m just going to talk about the ones I met and spent time with. These are my honest impressions of each:

1. Nina Hartley–A LEGEND *bowing down out of respect* I needed to pull up a seat and pull out some pen and paper. She’s unbelievably approachable and personable. Watch our video about empowering women through sexuality here. I wanted to be respectful of her time, but she seemed comfortable, and excited to keep talking, so I just basked in her presence and started recording. We chatted at the expo and later at the luau. She gave my hubby a technique tip and a souvenir (not telling you!). I am honored to have met her.

2. Evan Stone–he triggers my hair fetish, plain and simple. He always has. But I behaved myself and kept my hands out of his hair. When I saw him, I called him, walked up to him, and started yapping. I really thought it would be a quick, “Hey, I’m a fan.” But he was so receptive, and so exciting to talk to, that I asked if I could record some of it. Watch our video here where he discusses how he’s maintained 17 years in the business. If you want to see a dominant, aggressive male performer, who is also beautiful to look at, check out his professional videos.

3. Venus Lux–gorgeous, sexy, and gives the best of both worlds as a transgender performer. She also gave me one hell of a good spanking. See the video version here. This is something else that stood out to me–I tweeted about her once before the show, and when she saw me, she said, “Hey, I know you.” She even went on to give specifics about what was written in my Twitter profile. It got me all in my feels. Folks, that extra personal touch goes a long way to making a fan feel special. She is the best.


Hugging Sarah Banks tight.

4. Alura Jenson–curvaceous body, glorious smile, aluring personality… Get it? Alluring. Alura. Oh, never mind. She was sitting in a corner at the time we first met. I didn’t want to impose on her while she rested. Lo and behold, she initiated conversation with me. Very sweet. Warm personality.

5. Sarah Banks–When we started taking pics with her, she said, “Come on. Get closer. Hug on me. Do it like you mean it.” Gotta love that. I’m not sure how old she is, but I think she may be the youngest of everyone we met, and fairly new to the business. Y’all take good care of her. She has such a gentle, giving, and humble spirit.

6. Carmen Kay–high-energy exotic dancer, bubbly personality, a real G on the pole…and the ceiling 😀 She loves dancing, and it shows. She performs at Vivid, and hubby and I will definitely go back to see her.

7. Kelli Provocateur–is probably best known for her strong body and muscles wrapped in beautiful, smooth skin. She is instantly someone you just want to hug close. On our way out the door, she told me I was really special and told my hubby he was lucky. *You are special too, Kelli.* You can also see her in the background of my spanking video.

8. Ron Jeremy is King. I reeeally wanted to meet him. Unfortunately, he didn’t come on Saturday. 😦 *crying* I got to speak to him on the phone though.


Alura Jenson, hubby, me, and Venus Lux.

Adam & Eve was one of the vendors and sponsors. I have an account with their store, where I make frequent purchases, so I didn’t buy anything from them at the expo. I’m giving them an honorable mention because they helped bring the show to Houston. Coquette Woman Designs was another vendor with great apparel, and they custom-make sexy clothes to fit a shape like mine. I’m going to have to follow up on that before my next comic con. There was another vendor that gave us goody bags. Really wish I could remember the business name. Loved them and the gifts.

I have not one negative thing to say about any of the porn stars. I’m not just being too nice to mention something bad either. They were really that great. They all, and I mean every single one of these beautiful people, made us feel special. I encourage you to click on their name links above, follow them in social media, book them, and become fans, if you aren’t already.

The only thing negative I have to say about Texxxas Expo is that hubby and I bought our luau tickets well in advance of the show, in spite of it looking shaky on account of the protesters. While I understand the need to get as many people at the event as possible, it’s a bad business model to sell the tickets for half off the day of the event. What should hubby and I take from that next time? Wait until the last minute to buy tickets? Is that really the message you want to send out? I don’t think it is. But…okay. You didn’t sell enough tickets in advance, so there’s a sale the last day. How ’bout do something special for those that paid more in advance then? Noooo. That didn’t happen either. We were offered to buy another ticket for a lesser price. HUH?

There was also an incident with management over us not getting 2 drink tickets each that we bought with our early luau tickets, but…I just said fuck it. It was already time to relieve our sitter by then anyway. We said our goodbyes and left.

It was an all around great time, because the adult entertainment guests made it so. You better believe, I will be going to more porn conventions, and I hope to see the stars I met at this one again some day. I’ve been told my books are pornographic anyway, so HELL YEAH. Perfect fit.

**PLEASE NOTE** I’ve inserted links from different sites like FB, IG, Youtube, and Twitter. If any link you click on doesn’t work, please let me know. I will update it with a new one. Also, check out the CW9 Newsfix report on the porn expo here. Hubby and I appear in the video. Thanks!