“Society’s View” According to Jazzy Singer Indi Tyton.

After interviewing several authors and filmmakers, it’s only fitting to add some musical talent to the mix. Today’s interview is with artist extraordinaire, Indi Tyton. We met during our first year of law school, but kept in touch even after she decided to leave school and go on to bigger and better things in the music industry. And after all this time, I have to tell you honestly–I LOVE her music.

1. Indi, I LOVE your jazzy tunes, soulful voice, and natural beauty. Who most influences your musical/ artistic style and why?

I come from a musical family, so I have always been surrounded by beautiful voices and music. 🙂 My grandmother sang Jazz for many years; I spent my early years driving from the Washington, DC area to Richmond, VA almost every weekend for my Dad’s band practice; one of my aunts is a renowned Opera singer. I actually enjoy listening to almost all music genres. If I like the song, it doesn’t matter.

2. As a songwriter and singer, which do you find most challenging, writing songs or performing them and why?

Definitely performing them! I am growing out of my shyness as far as singing. Sometimes I experience slight stage fright but it can be attributed to the fact that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so if the first note that comes out of my mouth isn’t “perfect”, it makes me a bit nervous sometimes. 🙂 I know that over time, with more practice, I will get over it!

As far as songwriting, I am very melodic in my approach. My songs usually start with a melody that “comes to me” in my mind or if I write down some words to a new song, I work hard to establish the melody pronto. I also enjoy dancing very much, so for my next album, I plan to make more upbeat songs, where I can display some of my dancing abilities on my music videos. I feel like its going to help me get over the apprehension I have sometimes.

3. You and filmmaker, Deri Tyton, collaborate in music, film, and at home as parents. What is the best part of working side-by-side with your spouse on various projects? The most challenging?

The most exciting part about working with Deri on projects is seeing our ideas and hard work come into fruition. We both believe in each other’s abilities, which is a real blessing. Now let me tell you, it is a challenge sometimes because we are both artists, pursuing our individual and joint “dreams”, and since we are also parents, we often have scheduling conflicts yet we try really hard to not get in each other’s way and help out as much as we can.

4. With so many talents (ie. singing, fashion designing, writing, dancing…) which are you most passionate about and what drives that passion?

At the end of day, I can truly say that my passion for music outweighs the rest. I am very blessed with talents, so many that sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed (yet very thankful to God for them). It actually took quite some time to figure out that I wanted to be a performing artist. Honestly, it wasn’t until the summer before I got my first Master’s degree (in Psychology) that I realized that the entertainment business was for me. Even then, I was so worried about becoming a “starving artist”, and what my family and peers would say, and also not wanting to turn my back on my education, that it took me six years to really get serious about it.

What drives me now, is pleasing God by following the purpose that he has laid out for me. Also, having children really light a fire underneath me. I want my children to witness me really going after what I feel that I should be doing in my life, and I pray that they understand that true success is not in how much money you make but finding your true life’s work and having the motivation and focus to actually go after it! I also want to show people that may feel like they waited too long to pursue their “passion”, that its never too late, especially the parents out in the world. It’s all about balance (haven’t perfected it, but I’m taking steps towards it).

5. Where do you see yourself career-wise in ten years?

Ten years from now, I see myself still performing, ownership in a company that is a major player in the music and film industries, and also as a college professor, at least half time (maybe on-line if I have to travel a lot), teaching courses related to the entertainment industry. I love being an artist, and I also love being an academic person, and I want to be instrumental in grooming the next generation. 🙂

6. Which of your songs is your favorite and why? What do you want fans to feel most when they listen to it?

On my current album, Society’s View, I do not have a “favorite” song per se, because they all hold a special place in my heart. It was my first full recording experience, I learned so much, and I will never forget the process. “Different Places” is actually the first song I ever wrote, so it definitely is up at the top. My favorite songs to sing are “Whatever Comes Our Way” and “It Hurts When I Breathe”. I want my fans to get an introduction to an element of my singing style and I want them to really take the time to listen to messages in the songs on the album. I endured a lot to record “Society’s View”. Half of my album was recorded while being pregnant with my son, and the other half was recorded while I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very sick during the first four months of both pregnancies yet, I was to share a piece of myself with the world. I am very proud of the results!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, Indi. I must say that “Different Places” is my favorite! I also think it’s phenomenal that you have Indi Tyton-branded merchandise on your website. Brilliant! I wish you and your family all the success life has to offer.

You can hear free samples of Indi’s music on her website. You can also watch this five minute video of “Society’s View”: