Shameful by Dicey Grenor Available Now!

It is with pleasure that I announce the release of my second novel, SHAMEFUL. I actually wrote it first, but never mind that. It’s ready now. Ready to entertain, intrigue…and piss some people off.

That’s right. In keeping with my sexy, wild, daring, risky image–I’ve published this taboo fiction about a beautiful thirty-nine-year-old married mother of three, who has an affair with a sixteen-year-old stud.

As with all my works, it is for adults who enjoy atypical stories. Who enjoy unconventional romances. Who are not looking for inspiration but for an escape from everyday life. Who are open-minded enough to put judgment aside for the sake of literary enjoyment.

Read the full synopsis on my website.

Ebook is available on and (turn adult filter OFF). Paperbacks will be available by December 1st.

Enjoy! Then write a review and tell others about it.

Promo video: