Guaranteed To Make You Smile.

I’m having a good day. Just released my third novel, the sequel to The Narcoleptic Vampire Series, and already had a great review posted. So I’m singing a tune and whistling like Earl Hagen on the Andy Griffith theme song.

I want you to be happy too. And if reading my novel or looking at my cover doesn’t do it for you, maybe these clips will:

Guaranteed To Make You Smile videos…

1. This girl is twirling on a pole, and she means business. She is obviously no amateur. She’s got the moves. The attitude. The right music. Suddenly, something goes badly wrong. My favorite comment on the video, “She looks like she unscrewed herself from the ceiling.” Why, yes. Yes, she does.

2. This guy tries to dunk and…misses. He is applauded for his effort, and for having faith in his flying abilities.

3. Carl Lewis butchered the National Anthem at a 90’s NBA game. I couldn’t find a video with the whole song, but you get the idea. I don’t know whether you’ll laugh or cry with this one. We’re still waiting for him to make up for it.

4. Mariah Carey pitches at a baseball game opening in Tokyo. And well…at least she looks good.

5. Dancing is not enough for this guy. He has to do it on the treadmill too. And he just won’t stop. I’m going to blame rap music for this one.

So hopefully, the release of my book on Kindle and paperback made you smile. If not, maybe at least one of these five videos did. 😀 Have a wonderful day!